A number of exhibitions are extending the project to a wide audience.The most recent of these are showcased here.

A L’ombra del Ragai. La Relaciò Del Poble Mursi Amb Les Plantes Del Seu Entorn

April to June 2014, University of Valencia (text: Juan Salazar Bonet )

A L'ombra del Ragai (1) - Valencia 2014 This exhibition explored the relationship between the Mursi and their environment through artefacts, photographs, texts, songs and cartoons. Moving beyond distortive caricatures of lip plates and dueling ceremonies, this exhibition reflected on Mursiland as a resource for group identities. The display revealed the interplay of experience and the world, with especial reference to plants and trees. The plant life of Mursiland sustains and safeguards: from edible foods, to protective medicines, and construction materials and tools.

This relation to an environment contrasts markedly with modern plans to transform Mursiland into a mechanised irrigated landscape. Visitors to the exhibition were asked to consider: Who are the Mursi? How do Mursi connect to their environment? And what challenges does global enterprise present to the Mursi worldview?

A L'ombra del Ragai (5) - Valencia 2014 A L'ombra del Ragai (4) - Valencia 2014  A L'ombra del Ragai (2) - Valencia 2014A L'ombra del Ragai (3) - Valencia 2014



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