“The River” – new Omo-Turkana book published by Archaeopress

“The River: Peoples and Histories of the Omo-Turkana Area” is published by Archaeopress (2018) as a free-to-download e-Book and purchasable hard-copy volume. This sumptuously illustrated book brings together a remarkable collection of leading archaeologists, ecologists, historians and ethnographers who specialise in the region.

Unlike any place on earth, the Omo-Turkana area spans parts of Ethiopia, South Sudan and Kenya, and is today home to a unique diversity of peoples and cultures. Extraordinary fossil finds from the locale have illuminated the evolutionary origins of our species and archaeological and historical evidence has demonstrated it has been a dynamic crossroads of peoples, languages and identities for millennia. Over the past two decades, development interventions have transformed the environment and presented a threat to local forms of material and intangible heritage. Many local groups now face challenges to the long-term sustainability of their traditional ways of life. Recognising the Omo-Turkana area as a crucial resource of global heritage, the authors acknowledge its current vulnerability.

The book’s publication was officially launched on 24th November at the annual African Archaeology Research Day (AARD) held at the University of Cambridge’s McDonald Institute of Archaeology.

Editors Tim Clack (right) and Marcus Brittain (left) at AARD2018 book launch
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